Re: “Stop Seattle’s head-tax inanity” [April 5, Opinion]:

Here is another one of its fetishes that the Seattle City Council needs to let go of: In June 2018, the City Council passed a resolution to form a Local Improvement District designating more than 6,000 property owners to fund $160 million of the cost of the City Council’s vanity project known as the Waterfront Park.

The city is now preparing to collect the assessments from those 6,000-plus property owners, some residential properties and some businesses, both large and small. Many assessments are in the tens of thousands of dollars. This while these property owners watch their assets and their livelihoods vanish in the wake of the coronavirus.

At the same time, the city is spending time and precious financial resources to fight at least two lawsuits challenging the very legality of the whole process. And it is astonishing how few Seattleites — other than those facing assessments — are even aware this is all going on.

It’s time to get real. Seattle will be years recovering from the devastation of the coronavirus, and this is no time to even think about extracting money from citizens to squander on frivolities.

Madeleine Brindle, Seattle