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Sad that Danny Westneat’s message to the Seattle City Council is so appropriate and so overdue [“Amazon, we heard you. Did the City Council?”].

All the noise about the head tax unfortunately has drowned out an equally valid complaint that caused more than 200 Seattle homeowners to gather, largely unnoticed, in City Council chambers last week to protest the unfair notion that Seattle condo owners should shell out $25 million of their hard-earned retirement funds to pay for a Waterfront Park benefiting the entire region. A local improvement district is a totally inappropriate funding mechanism as it imposes legal restrictions and unrealistic limitations on the entire $688 million waterfront project.

Alas, our City Council is turning another deaf ear to the voices of this city’s residents. But it does so at its own peril. Seattle, the real Seattle, not the progressive echo chamber council members have created for themselves, is finally beginning to have enough.

Bob Stevens, Seattle