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Washington state taxpayers, please help me out: Why are we funding $11.5 million for a state primary election that has little consequence regarding the selection of delegates to the national conventions? [“A primer on the Washington state primary ballot,” Local News, May 1]. As for me, I will pass voting for national office for the first time since I was eligible to vote in 1956. I care not to endorse any of the presumptive candidates.

Since the day following the last national election in 2014, we, who care enough about politics to be educated and vote accordingly, have been overwhelmed with coverage of the 2016 election, and we still have about five months to go.

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Think about the money spent, including our state contribution, which could have been directed to far more useful purposes. Why would anyone seeking presidential aspirations want to go through two years of continuous fundraising, and damaging and degrading scrutiny extending far beyond the candidate themselves?

Thomas Frey, Mercer Island