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After the huffing and puffing of the regular legislative session and three special sessions, this is our state budget?

This is a budget Frankenstein would like, stitched together as it is with rotting components. The state Supreme Court should reject it. It’s inadequate as it leaves segments of the education structure hanging, doubly so as it dips into our state reserve fund to get even this far. It is grossly unfair as almost the entire load falls on the backs of the middle class while lightening the load on business interests and the wealthy. It is unsustainable, relying on property taxes in a few selected areas of the state the values of which are subject to large variations over time.

I agree with columnist Danny Westneat that our spineless Democrats should be condemned, but that has a remedy at the ballot box. The solution, however, is for the Supreme Court to reject this budget and order the legislature back to fix it, incorporating more progressive solutions. It should do so quickly and rather than a toothless fine on the legislators it should hold the 2018 school year hostage. Nothing else seems to motivate our dysfunctional state democracy.

Paul Gutowski, Seattle