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This goes out to those Republican voters who were going to vote for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary, but are now thinking that, since he suspended his campaign, your vote is meaningless [“Evangelicals reluctantly rallying around Trump,” Page One, May 16]. So you’re just going to let that ballot sit. Or maybe you’ve even decided to hold your nose and vote for Donald Trump.

No! Our votes still count.

I want to ensure you that this primary is not meaningless. If Trump does not represent your values (he definitely does not represent mine), you can still make a statement to that effect by voting for Cruz on the ballot.

With that statement, you can wash your hands of Trump’s nomination. You can tell the nation, and the world, that you did not fall for his showmanship, that you respect women, that you do not agree with his characterizing Mexican immigrants as rapists, that you believe that the Constitution is still relevant, that you don’t believe we can spend our way out of the National Debt, and that Donald Trump does not speak for us.

Again, Cruz did not drop out of the race completely — he merely suspended his campaign. And Trump does not have 1237 delegates yet. It’s a mathematical certainty that he will, but he hasn’t yet. Just imagine: What if he were to lose Oregon? Washington? California?

So, make a statement. And pray for the nation. It’s not over till it’s over.

Judah Finney, Friday Harbor