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Washingtonians need to stand up to President Donald Trump’s sham commission on voting.

With its latest, dangerously false claim about New Hampshire, it’s more obvious than ever that the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is making moves to destroy voting rights. Its sole aim is to block the votes of the poor, people of color, millennials and more — eligible Americans whose voices deserve to be heard and votes need to be counted.

The freedom to vote is a fundamental American right. Voting is our most effective tool to tackle the big challenges that face us. Our nation is at its best with an accountable, representative government that isn’t in the pockets of powerful special interests. Trump’s shady commission threatens this, and we must take action both across the nation and here in Washington.

We need to pay attention. We need to talk to our friends and neighbors. Voting rights are important every single day, not just on Election Day. This may be the greatest civil-rights issue of our time. We can’t let it slip by without fighting for a real democracy.

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Kathy Sakahara, Seattle