Re: “With Florida bill, Republicans continue push to restrict voting” [April 30, Nation]:

The chair of the Florida Republican Party, state Sen. Joe Gruters, justifies the need to fix what clearly isn’t broken. He states, “It’s just like when the Tampa Bay Bucs won the Super Bowl — they’re still making improvements …”

An election is not just like a football team — it’s the exact opposite. A football team hires and fires players. In an election, there are no players to be hired or fired, there are only citizens who have the right to elect the people who represent them.

All over America, Republican governors and legislators are hell bent on firing citizens who did not vote for them. Their goal is to turn democracy upside down, so that rather than the voters choosing their representatives, it is the representatives who get to choose their voters. We, as citizens, need to do everything in our power to oppose this assault on our democracy. The future of America is truly in our hands.

Edward Baker, Seattle