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When our family read about the activities planned for the opening of the tunnel, especially the bike ride, we all became excited. We have driven on the viaduct for decades and have closely followed the construction progress of “Big Bertha.” What fun it would be to say farewell to the old viaduct and hello to the new tunnel on our bikes.

However, when we read that it will cost $120 for the three adults in our family and $20 for my grandson, we sadly realized that there was no way we could participate. We are not alone in the Seattle metropolitan area.

I am extremely agitated about having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a bike ride on public highways that we have paid for with our tax dollars.

When our city boasts about its inclusion policies and outreach programs to underserved populations, then allows a third party to charge more than the cost of attending a baseball game for participation in the event, something is terribly wrong.

Michael Conkle, Seattle