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Re: “The Army, looking for recruits in Seattle, finds it a hard sell”:

The article failed to identify the veterans organization that does the counter-recruiting in Seattle High Schools. This “counter-recruiting action team” is the local chapter of the national veterans organization Veterans For Peace.

We are providing additional information to students the military is targeting for recruitment. We share our military experience, and we tell students what the recruiters won’t tell them. We use our own “Military I.Q. Test” to engage students to help them understand the risks and downside of military service.

Despite the Army’s new pitch to make military service appear benign and exciting, students are still going to have second thoughts about joining the military when they get all the facts about life in the military, the true costs of war and how our military is being used around the world.

While the Army’s new marketing ploy to liberal cities may garner some attention, it won’t make much progress on its recruitment goals until it faces the hard facts and reality of today’s military.

Dan Gilman, Seattle, Veterans for Peace