Re: “Group of Redmond firefighters refuses COVID vaccine, asks city to keep them on the job” [Oct. 14, Local News]:

While I appreciate all that these firefighters have done to help others before and during the pandemic, we’ve reached a point where it is clear that there are people suited for public service, and those who should find other employment.

The question of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is like a test, a test that is similar to the other tests every firefighter, policeman, teacher or nurse has taken in their lives. The test asks them to decide to get vaccinated against COVID-19 based on science, and an understanding of what is best for our society, and many of them are failing this test. The science is clear; the vaccine is approved by the FDA; and millions of their fellow Americans (of all political persuasions) have also been vaccinated.

While every public servant’s decision to not be vaccinated is personal, I don’t want unvaccinated policemen, firefighters, teachers and nurses interacting with me or my family for safety reasons. And it isn’t just COVID I’m thinking about. If they can’t pass this simple test, perhaps they will fail to provide the care and professional service we need and expect from them.

Sam Stevens, Kirkland