I wish to thank all those unprofessional health care workers who quit rather than adhere to the vaccine mandate. They have done us all a huge favor.

Whenever I join a new health care group, they always ask me if I would prefer a male or a female doctor. My answer is always the same. Let me have the one who graduated highest in their class.

Unfortunately, that information is never forthcoming. What I want to know now is if those treating me have been fully vaccinated. Before the mandate, I may never have been able to find out. Now I know when I go to the hospital or to my clinic, I will be treated by professionals who will put my health care above their religious or political objections.

There may be short-term staffing problems at our hospitals and clinics, but the people who left should never have been hired in the first place, and they will eventually be replaced by people who believe in science and whose priority is the care of their patients over their own religious or political beliefs.

Marshall Dunlap, Kent