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Childhood vaccination is a right in the modern world. The anti-vaccine movement rides on the tide of anti-science emotion currently sweeping the Western world. The simple point, though, is that, for the aggregate population, vaccination saves lives, as science repeatedly and conclusively demonstrates.

Unfortunately, some of our population, even among the well-educated, are scientifically uninformed and thus are easily swayed by the alarmists and charlatans who rely on the lack of scientific understanding of frightened parents to grow the anti-vaccine movement.

I have personally experienced the tragic results of parental ignorance: My bohemian mother left me unvaccinated, and I contracted diphtheria, the strangling disease, at the age of 2. Science, in the form of powerful antitoxins and antibiotics administered by scientifically trained physicians, saved my life.

Despite the earnest and vociferous advocacy of the anti-vaccine movement, the intentional failure of well-meaning parents to vaccinate their children threatens the health of the public and the lives of their children.

Anthony Claiborne, Bellevue