COVID-19 cases are still stubbornly high in Washington, but the data show that vaccines work to reduce infections, hospitalizations and deaths. We must do whatever is necessary to get Washingtonians vaccinated if we want to get back to a more normal life without restrictions and fear.

I call on all elected representatives to get in front of a microphone and explain to their constituents the importance of the vaccine and its safety. I call on local physicians and family doctors to contact their patients and encourage them to get the vaccine. I call on local health agencies to fill up vans with doses and get out to rural communities. I call on employers to bring vaccinators into their places of business for their employees and families. In short, I call on everyone with a voice to use it, and everyone with a way to help make it happen to get busy.

The virus isn’t going away as long as it has an unvaccinated host to help it spread.

Dan Haeck, Federal Way