Re: “UW Huskies fire football coach Jimmy Lake after 13 games” [Nov. 14, Sports]:

It is astounding that University of Washington head football coach Jimmy Lake will be allowed to collect up to $9.9 million after being fired without cause. His record is not stellar — he likely would have been let go at the end of the current season. But can anyone doubt that his firing at this point in time is for cause? Any coach who strikes, manhandles or otherwise abuses a student player must necessarily receive summary dismissal. In any other context, such actions would be viewed as assault.

The player struck by Lake in the face was already leaving the scene. Yet Lake shoved him hard enough to cause a stumble. Lake had already pushed aside a referee who was trying to remedy the situation. Add to this the alleged locker-room assault on another player two years ago (corroborated by five witnesses), and there is plenty of reason to send Lake on his way immediately, for cause.

The UW should not try to gloss over the true reasons behind it. It should face reality and uphold the ideals it claims to support. Think what $9.9 million could provide in the way of student scholarships.

Roberta Scholz, Edmonds