Re: “Seattle’s gnarly battle over tree protection” [Aug. 21, Opinion]:

Alex Fryer reports that Seattle government wants more trees. It looks to me like the Port of Seattle has not been informed of this goal.

Seattle wants more trees, but not at the expense of building much needed housing. Yes, we need both. But, where to put them?

Here’s one answer: Don’t destroy existing parks. The Port is determined to pave over part of North SeaTac Park with parking garages and warehouses. North SeaTac Park is a wonderful multiple-use facility with a huge acreage of trees swallowing up greenhouse gases and providing oxygen for Sea Tac and Burien. It’s also in one of those modest areas which Fryer points out tend to have less greenery than affluent areas.

The Port is fighting local residents who love and use the park and want to keep it intact. The city should let its Port Commissioners know: The goal is more trees, not fewer.

Linda Anderson, Seattle