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It was puzzling to read a letter from a reader who felt that inverting the American flag is done out of disrespect when it is an internationally recognized symbol for distress.
A nation whose leader mocks disabled people; brags about abusive behavior toward women; is hostile toward our allies and friendly toward those more adversarial to our country; and has been caught in countless lies  is most certainly in distress.
Unlike the teenager who let My Take author Vincent G. Barnes know how disrespectful he was for inverting his flag because he knew people who had died for it, I was a medic in Vietnam who held brave, dying soldiers on the battlefield.
I went on to proudly serve 20 years in the U.S. Army and have never been disrespectful of my flag.
Because of the serious moral threat presented by the current administration, I now respectfully fly my American flag upside down.
Bruce L. Patchen, LTC, USA (retired), Olympia