The time has come for the unvaccinated to pay a price for their actions (or inaction). Insurance companies should mandate that all customers be fully vaccinated by a specific date or face higher medical premiums; increased deductibles and/or increased out-of-pocket costs. After all, these anti-vaxxers are hitting insurers’ bottom lines with unnecessary, avoidable and costly emergency room visits while using limited ICU beds for weeks.

The unvaccinated have ignored facts, science, common sense, monetary incentives and the sheer daily bombardment of numbers that vividly point out that their selfish decision to not get vaccinated is a liability to all.

There has to be a price to pay for this stubborn behavior which has prolonged this pandemic. Absent a new law, insurance providers are in an ideal position to initiate monetary penalties and/or rate increases that might possibly change that behavior.

David Dwinell, Vashon Island