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Kudos for printing the article “A class in unlearning racism.”

Two news stories from early August out of California about attacks on Sikh men are among many I can cite and to which I can relate: Two teens, including the son of a police chief who said his family was “shaken to the core” by the incident, attacked a 71-year-old man out on a walk. Two men beat a 50-year-old man putting up campaign signs and spray-painted a neo-Nazi symbol on his truck.

Being from India, I have personally witnessed sectarian violence. I believe if steps are not taken immediately, this country could see communal riots, too. All the elements are in place: military-style weapons in the hands of the common man; too much hatred; misuse of technology.

Classes in unlearning racism should be mandated for every student to take. Churches, temples and Sikh community leaders are willing to come forward and inform about the different shades of America. This will go a long way. Otherwise, race will lead young people to not only hurt others but themselves.

Sarab Singh, Kent