Re “With Virginia vote, ERA may finally pass” [Nov. 7, A5]:

Speaking in 1873, Susan B. Anthony called the right to vote the right without which all others are nothing.

Now is the time for universal suffrage: Every adult citizen of these United States shall have the right to vote and shall not be denied for any reason whatsoever.

The fundamental act of our democracy, voting provides the fundamental civics lesson. Registering to vote and engaging in the process of voting foster maturity in young people and offer those who have lost their way a positive path for re-entry into civic and family life.

Most states disenfranchise felons. Maine and Vermont allow inmates to vote from prison, with profound rehabilitative effects.

It’s time to embrace universal suffrage. Voting is a quiet pursuit. Surely we all could use a bit more quiet in our lives.

Mary F. Jacobs, Bainbridge Island