Many Americans are feeling either pleased or horrified that Sen. Joe Manchin is opposing the “For the People Act” and supporting the filibuster.

Already, some senators are declaring defeat and proclaiming that this popular bill to protect voting rights cannot pass the Senate.

Instead of giving up, we need leaders everywhere to step up and lead. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should force Manchin to deliver 10 Republican senators to pass the voting rights bill that Manchin favors.

President Joe Biden must rally 50 senators to vote like we truly are in a fight to save American democracy. Sen. Patty Murray needs to help lead the Senate to strengthen voting rights for every American. Sen. Maria Cantwell should work with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to stop Republicans from making it impossible for anyone except the “right” voters to cast the “right” votes.

You voters need to lead, too. Call Sens. Murray and Cantwell. Write to President Biden and Sen. Schumer. Tell them any senator who stands aside while Republicans do all they can to restrict voting rights does not believe in our democracy. Paraphrasing Indivisible’s Ezra Levin, the real fight has not yet begun, but it’s coming, and “We the People” are bringing it.

Stephen Wilhelm, Edmonds