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GOP permission

U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert would like us to believe that he was undecided on the health-care vote because of concerns in the bill.

But I keep thinking about his statement before a fundraiser a couple of years ago, that he had permission from the Republican leadership to occasionally cast votes that were not needed to change the outcome, to make his voting record appear more moderate. By the time he “made up his mind,” the leadership already knew that his vote would not matter to the outcome on this bill.

Joe Nyderek, Kent 



Thursday’s House vote to pass its latest iteration of health-care “reform” puts our patients and the health care industry back into uncertainty and sets the stage for a very high-stakes debate over Medicaid and care for underserved people. The most troubling aspects of the bill, including eliminating protection for people with pre-existing conditions and federal support for Medicaid expansion, could literally mean the difference between life and death for many in our state and across the country.

I applaud U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert for seeing these proposals as the dangers they are and voting “no,” despite pressure from House leadership and the president. It is unfortunate that many of his colleagues did not show the same courage of conviction and compassion for people that Rep. Reichert did.

There’s still a long fight ahead before this damaging bill becomes law. Our patients and staff will continue to speak up against it. We all know someone who would be negatively affected by this bill. Let’s work together on behalf of the people who count on us.

Thomas Trompeter, CEO, HealthPoint, Renton