Re: “Call to add light-rail tunnels would boost light-rail costs” [April 1, A1]:

The option of a tunnel on 15th Avenue Northwest is the best idea for Ballard regardless of cost.

Ballard has borne more than our fair share of development in the past decade. Affordable housing has been torn down and replaced by overpriced, oversized structures while those who can’t afford the rent in Seattle anymore live among us in tents. Densifying Ballard before mass transit was in place has resulted in severe congestion.

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Most of this densification has taken place to the west of 15th Avenue Northwest and Northwest Market Street, which now takes several minutes for a pedestrian to cross. If people can just go underground at the intersection to the station, it will have much higher ridership.

I support light rail to Ballard — I just want it to be done right. I understand that this option is more expensive, but it would be even more costly to terraform our neighborhood to build an underused light-rail line.

Brian LeBlanc, Seattle