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“Trump’s tax plan will face a battle” [Page One, Dec. 27] confirmed the worst fears about President-elect(oral College) Donald Trump’s and Republicans’ plans to “overhaul” the U.S. tax code.

As should be no surprise to anyone who’d paid any real attention to the issue, “[T]he largest cut would be in the top rate, to 33 percent from 39.6 percent. That rate applies only to those with incomes well within the top 1 percent.”

The pitchfork-and-torch-carriers have elected a man who’ll get them to burn down their village and kill their neighbors rather than storm the castle (D.C.) where dwell the master-thieves.

Many people tried to tell Trump’s supporters that this would be the result of his tax plan: a few pennies tossed to the poor and middle class after a huge windfall is given to the wealthy.

Trump’s supporters may achieve their goal of tearing down the government they say they despise so much, but I’m betting they’re not going to like whatever corporate-controlled Frankenstein’s monster rises to take its place.

Michael Spence, Tukwila