Re: “Trump mobilizes military in Washington, threatens to use troops to quell protests across U.S.” [June 1, Nation]:

Seeing President Donald Trump use St. John’s Episcopal Church and the Bible as props flashed me back to his responses during an interview about his faith and the Bible. It was “too personal,” he said, to say what are his favorite biblical passages.

I don’t hold the faith as much as some, but I read the Bible like many. I suspect President Trump would have difficulty locating the favorite passage that would undoubtedly be listed by many, even given the hint that it resides in the first book of the New Testament. Jesus says that which you have done for the least among us, you have done for me, or to Jesus.

Seeing the atrocious acts Trump orchestrated in clearing peaceful protesters away from his path to St. John’s and the Bible-waving photo op, it is clear he has zero appreciation for the profoundness of this teaching, for believers or non. Religious leaders should follow the lead of The Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and denounce his religious fakery.

Don Neifert, Woodinville