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Regarding Christopher Elliott’s article, “The worst travel fees, and how to avoid them”:
The article states, “The travel industry seems to always have its hand out — sometimes literally. Just check into a fancy resort and watch the bellhop after delivering the luggage to your room, whether you wanted help or not.”
Many would say such service is a primary reason to stay at a “fancy resort.” At a “fancy” restaurant, you will be treated to table service — “whether you wanted help or not.” I hope you would not short your table server. Please do not short the bell boy, parking valet or pool attendant at the fancy resort.
As for internet charges, in the days before the internet you would have paid by the minute to use the telephone in your room — even for local calls. Resort fees? Do not stay at a resort.
Elliott writes, “Remember when you could buy an airline ticket and you actually got a ticket?” I remember when flying was too expensive for average Americans. Airline travel is now affordable to Americans who would have driven or ridden on buses just a few decades ago.

Brian Wright, Freeland