Speaking as a 27-year public-transit worker, I’d love to see Seattle restore the ride-free zone. It’s a far better answer to traffic woes than Mayor Jenny Durkan’s regressive congestion-tax idea. However, it is a false dichotomy to pit the Seattle streetcar against restoration of a ride-free-area. Our city can afford both and needs all public modes of transportation.

The money to fund it should come from big businesses, especially Amazon, which paid no federal taxes in 2018. With all the wealth sitting in Seattle’s backyard, the money exists to operate a world-class, multimodal public mass transit system that is free, or at least affordable to every one, including folks who are homeless.

Not only could Seattle eliminate traffic jams, it could serve as a model for the rest of the country in tackling climate change and making transit a human right.

Linda Averill, Seattle