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The debate about the “new state regulation guaranteeing transgender people having access to restrooms and locker rooms according to their identity” should not even be happening [“States rules for transgender restroom access set of debate,” Local News, Jan. 11].

The reality is that transgender people need a safe place to use the restroom and locker room. Using a restroom or locker room that identifies with their identity makes sense. If a transgender women who has breasts uses the men’s locker room, she is surely going to get harassed. Reporter Nina Shapiro pointed out “a U.S. Department of Justice report showing that half of all transgender people are sexually assaulted at some point in their lives.” Is a transgender male who has a beard supposed to use the women’s restroom?

Another valid point on why transgender people should have access to restrooms according to their identity: How is one going to enforce this idea that people need to use the facilities according to their anatomy? Gunner Scott, a transgender male, questioned, “How are you going to enforce it? Panty checks?”

Bathrooms and locker rooms should be a safe place for everyone, including transgender people. No debate.

Catherine Laidlaw, Bellingham