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When reporter Paul Wiseman (“WHY IT MATTERS: Trade,”, Aug. 25) talks about “the backlash against trade,” he is wrong.

The backlash is not against trade. It is against particular trade agreements — the Trans-Pacific Partnership, for example.

The TPP would allow corporations to sue governments if they protect workers, public health or the environment, or hurt multinational corporate profits. Under the TPP, other participants in trade — labor unions, consumers, indigenous peoples, or nongovernmental organizations — would have no similar rights. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that this lopsided protection of corporate profits “is the worst part of the agreement.”

In addition to rejecting the TPP, we must do much more to foster an economy that supports all our people. I work in aerospace, and I favor pacts that create a level playing field. Too bad TPP doesn’t do that.

Trade agreements can be good. This one is not.

Robert Stephen Whitehorn, Seattle