Re: “Keystone XL pipeline nixed after Biden stands firm on permit” [June 9, Environment]:

Another pipeline that should be nixed is the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX). It will substantially increase the volume of oil traveling from Alberta’s tar sands to Washington and Asia. Upon its completion, the number of oil-carrying tankers passing through the Salish Sea is projected to increase sevenfold.

Canada’s National Energy Board conceded that the project will have serious negative impacts on southern resident orcas and on salmon. It also acknowledged the increased possibility of oil spills and the negative effects on the lives of Indigenous people. However, the board refused to consider the significant climate impacts of greenhouse gases and concluded that the TMX is in the “Canadian public interest,” despite opposition by Gov. Jay Inslee, who stated, “The costs to our environment and communities are simply too high.”

There also is significant public opposition to the TMX that has caused more than 10 companies to decline to provide insurance or financing. All pipelines require insurance to be renewed every August. Those who oppose the TMX should contact companies enabling the TMX.

Kenneth Zirinsky, Tacoma