Re: “Name the Tongass rainforest a Forest Carbon Reserve to save it” [June 28, Opinion]:

The Trump administration rule-making that threatens ancient forests in the roadless areas in Alaska also matters here in Washington state. Nearly 2 million acres of unlogged ancient forests are protected by the roadless rule in our state and will be under attack next if President Joe Biden does not reverse the repeal of these important protections.

Washington’s national forest roadless areas protect sources of safe and clean drinking water, much of our last remaining old-growth forests and wildlife habitat. These forests also store an immense amount of carbon from contributing to global warming.

Additionally, since time immemorial, tribal communities have relied on the abundance of salmon, clean water, and ancient Douglas fir and western red cedar trees for spiritual and cultural practice as well as food security. Keeping these roadless forests protected is essential to respecting their treaty rights to fish and wildlife, and their tribal lifeways.

Standing up for the Tongass is standing up for ancient forests everywhere, including or backyard.

Evan Lepine, Bothell