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As a teacher of 44 years in public and private schools, I would like to respond to The Seattle Times editorial on tweaking school boards [“Tweaking Seattle School Board governance could improve performance,” Opinion, Feb. 12].

Good companies such as Boeing and Nordstrom would not be better run if their boards were composed of well-meaning teachers. Likewise, school boards may largely be sincere and well-intentioned individuals, but they are not professional educators.

I would propose that 40 percent of each school board be classroom teachers selected by the schools’ educators. Of course, many districts would select union representatives. If this occurs, then, these union reps would need to honestly report to the teachers and staff or their future credibility would be lost. And, this should reduce strikes.

Educators on school boards would push for substantive academic improvements over superficial changes. Ultimately, no one can better advise and guide school districts better than the professionals that fully understand the industry of education.

John Fenoli, Kenmore