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Councilmember Sally Bagshaw’s plan to build tiny houses for the homeless is not as radical as some might think [“Big pitch: Tiny houses for homeless across city,” Page One, Feb. 17].

With each new criticism, we need to ask ourselves: Do we actually care about those experiencing homelessness or are we more concerned with cleaning up the streets? Yes, these tiny homes are not a complete solution to homelessness, but that’s not the point. They offer a quick fix that will give people a heated, private space to live in temporarily until we can get our act together in providing affordable housing.

There is no magical solution that will solve homelessness overnight — or even in a month. However, each day we spend arguing over what to do about homelessness is another day people spend on the street. Councilmember Bagshaw is the first person to suggest putting the homeless first. If it was you living on the street, wouldn’t a tiny house be better than nothing?

Kaylyn Armstrong-Shiira, Seattle