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Re: “No logic in allowing drugs at homeless camps again”:

Columnist Danny Westneat calls Licton Springs Village “a bust” for reasons ill-defined beyond Village residents staying there for too long.

Did Westneat know that most of the Village’s residents feel they’ve experienced greater personal stability and better physical and mental health since moving to the tiny-house village? This encouraging finding emerged, among other positive results, from an evaluation we and our colleagues conducted as master’s candidates at the University of Washington School of Public Health, which we submitted to the city of Seattle.

As part of the evaluation, we also analyzed police data from the precinct Licton Springs Village is located in and found no significant difference in non-vehicular crime before and after Licton Springs Village opened. The column cites more 911 calls on the block behind the camp as evidence that crime increased near the Village, but complaints are not the same as crimes.

If crime has not increased and — most importantly — if residents feel their lives and health are improving, then the Village is a far cry from the failure the column describes.

Shaina Coogan and Jess Mogk, Seattle