There are multiple wars going on around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic still threatens normal social interactions, wildfires are already burning in the Southwest, water in our lakes and rivers is decreasing to record low levels, our democracy is being threatened by radical conservatives, yet Seattle let a tiny-house village sit empty for a month due to politics. Why not put energy and resources into what we can control?

It was thrilling to read in Danny Westneat’s column that the Backus family stepped up and provided funds through its Lucky Seven Foundation to finally open up and house people in South End Village in the Rainier Valley [“After an apology — and a surprise gift — Seattle’s empty homeless shelter will open after all,” May 4, Local News].

Thank you to all who worked to make generosity and rationality return to Seattle. I am confident that I am not the only person who will sleep better tonight knowing that these 40 tiny homes constructed by volunteers will be occupied soon.

Chris Syrjala, Seattle