Re: “Sound Transit to change name of ‘Red Line’ route”:

About Sound Transit’s decision to discontinue referring to the “Red Line” because it runs through an area of Seattle that was historically subject to redlining by local banks and business developers: The name “Red Line” is offensive because it reminds some people of the old unfair policies that prevented investment and home-lending in the Rainier Valley. OK.

But the Transportation Choices Coalition and the Puget Sound Sage organization also object to the term “Red Line” because members of the community “today struggle against gentrification.” So now that the Rainier Valley is getting investment and home-lending, the name “Red Line” is bad because it suggests gentrification. I wish the article had pointed out this contradiction.

Shame on Sound Transit for giving in to this mindless ideology. I say this as a person who has been a homeowner in Columbia City since 1989 (way before Columbia City was cool) and a Rainier Valley resident since 1974.

Tom Guilfoil, Seattle