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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Rep. Francis Rooney, Republicans, have proposed a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits in Congress.

I believe term limits are essential to an effective democratic process.

My brother dreamed of a career designing cars. After meeting some young designers in Detroit, he asked to meet career employees. There were none because their creativity quickly diminished, and they either transferred to other departments or sought opportunities elsewhere.

Having great ideas and the drive to do something about them inspires some people to enter politics. I believe politicians, like car designers, should move on to other activities after the opportunity to advocate their ideas over a maximum of 12 years.

To give term limits a better chance of passing, make it a two-step process. Phase one: Senators who win two consecutive six-year terms would have to take a one-term hiatus before being allowed to run again. House members who win a third two-year term would, likewise, be required to step aside for one term.

Phase two: Seek alternative opportunities after 12 years of continuous service.

Adopting phase one now would be one of the greatest gifts we could give to future generations.

Ken Erickson, Bellevue