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The poor cannot eat a wall. While bridges fail, forests burn, veterans sleep under bridges, the waters at our shorelines rise and roads run rough with disrepair, we want to build a wall. Truckers cannot drive over it, it holds back no floodwaters, it cannot transmit or generate power, cannot carry fresh water and cannot grow crops. It cannot cure disease, and cannot solve our manifest problems of suffering and political strife, only make them worse.

And still, some want to spend billions on it — even donate millions to GoFundMe sites. We deny earned pay to our workers as we wrangle, while we ignore the truth and reality, but still, we want to build it.

The wall and all that it represents is a monument to all that is wrong with our once great country. Its foundations and fences, its posts and concrete, this scar upon the once pristine wilderness, will stand forever in history. The politicians who call for it, the judges who nod, and the voters who scream for it will long be remembered as accomplices.

William Vaughn, Redmond