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Cartoonist David Horsey’s recent Navy illustration and accompanying commentary lack considered perspective.

The Navy has flown over the Olympic Peninsula since World War II, and jet noise has emanated from Whidbey Island since the late 1950s.

“Navy brass” are quite conscientious and attuned to their global mission, while managing risk to their aircrews, and to weighing intrusion upon the public.

The EA-18G “Growler” is peerless at protecting our jets and troops in combat. Due to this, the Growler, and its crew expertise, are in the highest possible demand.

The increase in jet inventory and increase in training are vital to safety and in line with historical impacts.

By contrast, the characters depicted in the cartoon, and in reality, are most likely recent Pacific Northwest arrivals. After having moved here, they wish the Navy to move elsewhere.

Apart from their personal distaste for jet noise, most complaints expressed by current activists are purposeful histrionics, easily debunked exaggerations or misinformation heavily shaded in gray.

Steve Bristow, president, Oak Harbor Council of the Navy League