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I read with interest “Navy stealthily targets local real-estate projects” [Local News, June 26]. The story is centered on the idea that the Navy in Kitsap County will do anything in its power to stop development in its “sphere of influence.”

I found the story to not reflect my own experiences in dealing with the Navy during my two terms as the mayor of Bremerton. During those years, we were able to work closely with the Navy on the revitalization of downtown and its waterfront. I found the Navy cooperative and willing to be a part of our plans for the Fountain Park, the new Navy Museum, Memorial Plaza and the ferry traffic tunnel. As a matter of fact, they were not only cooperative but helpful in our efforts to secure federal and state funding.

I had many helpful meetings with the civilian head of the shipyard and the various shipyard captains. They were willing to work with us, not against us. Sometimes it was complicated, but in most cases we were able to work out differences and come to a common understanding.

We all are fortunate to have the Navy in Kitsap County.

Cary Bozeman, Bremerton