The effort to pass a federal Green New Deal by 2021 gives me and other young people more hope than we’ve ever had that our society will protect us from the climate crisis. The Green New Deal proposal, introduced in February in Congress and which has 91 co-sponsors, calls for the U.S. to drastically reduce oil, coal and gas pollution by 2030, the timeline that a major, recent scientific report says is necessary to prevent extreme environmental dangers.

In his Op-Ed, David Winston criticizes the proposal as radical, since it calls for every American to have access to healthy food and high-quality health care, but these are widely popular goals that many other wealthy nations have implemented.

We can’t allow the air pollution from oil, coal and gas to continue to kill millions every year and destabilize the natural world. We can be a great society that stops the climate crisis, uplifts vulnerable communities and guarantees a good, high-wage job to every person, but only if we all work together and represent each other’s ideas fairly.

Harry Katz, Seattle