Re: “Seattle Kayak Team Paddles from Bridge Creek to Stehekin in 15 hours” [Sept. 1, Outdoors]:

I really wish stories like this wouldn’t be published. I don’t dispute it’s a legitimate news story, and kudos to the people who accomplished this, but we’ve got to stop looking at the outdoors as a competition.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a perfect example of where this leads — a race to see who can do it in the shortest time.

The people who look at the outdoors as a competition are following the same path as the loggers who sought to cut down every tree or the miners who tore up everything to get at the minerals below. They aren’t bad people, but they’re missing the point.

We need to cherish our wild spaces. Slow it down. Take a look around, and wallow in nature.

Bruce Trent, Edmonds