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As a former Environmental Protection Agency employee, I was deeply offended by the online headline of the editorial “The EPA has forgotten its one job: protecting the environment.”

EPA is not Scott Pruitt. It’s an organization of thousands of dedicated employees who want very much to be able to fulfill their agency’s mission. When you say “EPA,” you are talking about all of these people, and it’s extremely unfair to tar them with the same brush as a political appointee whose obvious agenda is to destroy everything that EPA has accomplished since its inception.

Every time there is a Republican in the White House, we go through this. The agency administrator (and the 10 regional administrators) are political appointees who see their jobs as carrying out the Republican agenda of deregulating everything. This is not the first time this has happened, but it is shaping up to be the worst. Again, this is not the EPA. It’s Scott Pruitt and his cohort, with the full support of the president of the country.

Cora McCoy, Burien