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When I was young, long ago, I lived in Los Angeles. The smog level slowly climbed and people just put up with it because each year it was just a little worse than last year. Then one day, as I was heading into the LA area, I saw a “wall” of dark, brown smog. It was horrible. Finally, the city leaders realized that it had gone too far and did something about it.

Yes, part of Seattle’s problem is the wildfires. But there are many local causes of the problem, too.

Please, let’s not wait for the wall of smog. Mayor Jenny Durkan should get together with the Seattle City Council and the Metropolitan King County Council, find out what LA and other cities have done and fix it now!

Don’t listen to major businesses that will complain that the fix will cost jobs. We can see that LA is thriving even with the lower pollution level.

Ted Coskey, Seattle