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Cheers for Pope Francis for listening to the proposal made by his sexual abuse advisory board, and taking action [“Pope creates tribunal for bishop negligence in abuse cases,” News, June 11].

If and when Francis removes the first bishop who moved predator priests from parish to parish to rape again and again, I will celebrate the forming of his tribunal and the pope’s step to hold bishops accountable. Though I am hopeful, I am skeptical that institutions can police themselves. So far, bishops have failed miserably at this in order to keep priests and avoid scandal.

But the sexual abuse of children is a crime. Several bishops have indeed been an accomplice to these crimes. Yet, never has a bishop been expelled, defrocked, imprisoned or named as an accomplice to these terrible crimes.

Maybe this time will be different. Maybe Francis will show the world and guilty bishops that he is the head of his flock and has the power to change things.

Mary Dispenza, Bellevue