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Re: “The border wall: So many other priorities”:

Does the letter writer have a fence or border device around his home; lock on his entry doors; and a practice of sharing his food, housing, water and power supply with whomever enters it without permission and claims to need it?

The proposed wall is to stem the flood of people who want to come to our country. It’s like a dam. Reasonable amounts of water are allowed to flow over the dam at specific places but must be controlled so as to not damage life and property downstream.

Our Constitution guarantees not just the individual rights of life, liberty and property but also the concurrent rights of our sovereign nation to possess and protect those same unalienable rights for itself.

The letter writer conflates the wall, a security device, with addressing the social ills in America. This is not an either or situation. Both need to be addressed. Today we need a wall or an equally efficient security regimen. We may not need it forever.

Ronald Bowman, Burien