Wow! I actually feel as if there is some hope for a future in the U.S. and possibly the world because of young folks like Greg Sellers. His essay about voting is on point, and exactly how parents should share in the knowledge of voting and being aware of our rights as citizens.

Of course, I will also mention Jamie Margolin, the Seattle teen who addressed Congress in September regarding climate change, and Swedish teen Greta Thunberg addressing the United Nations in New York in September, “How dare you?”

We all should listen to these young folks; they are looking at and seeing a reality that for some strange reason we adults see but … do nothing.

Soon enough we all will feel the reality of actions needed for this only planet we have and learning about being a citizen with rights that some take for granted.

Thank you, young folks, thank you for speaking and making us listen.

Annette Medvec, Kent