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My grown daughter suggested that my wife and I host a “voting party.” Washington is only one of three states — with Oregon and Colorado — to hold elections entirely by mail. Our ballots arrive early, and there is plenty of time to vote.

You want to see civics in action? Gather around a dining-room table during election season for a voting party, your ballot at the ready. You’ll discover debates and decisions, agreements and disagreements. Best of all, you’ll find citizens performing their own personal due diligence, and then voting.

I am grateful that the Washington Legislature had the foresight to bring our state into the 21st century. Our Legislature abandoned the idea that voting should somehow be a test of fortitude — withstanding long lines, enduring bad weather, or suffering lost wages for citizens to exercise their Constitutional right.

After all, can’t we make airline and hotel reservations, buy cars and furniture, and purchase everything under the sun while sitting at our own desk? Speed and convenience are the norm. Far too many states make voting slow and inconvenient, insisting on Model A voting in a Tesla universe.

John Scannell, Sammamish