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This Mother’s Day, the first after the loss of my oldest child, I decided to break the brunch-in-bed tradition and do something out of the ordinary, something to hopefully distract me from my grief. I had seen two players from the Seattle Storm interviewed on the local news. The theme of strong women combating adversity resonated with me. So I dragged my husband and two surviving sons to see the Seattle Storm play at KeyArena.

The atmosphere at the game is festive and family-centric. These women are fierce athletes. The fans are dedicated and enthusiastic. For two hours, I was lifted out of my grief onto my feet screaming for the home team.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and watching the Lakers was a frequent pastime, but I can tell you I had more fun and just as much of a thrill watching the Storm.

Until last Sunday, I joined Seattleites in lamenting the absence of a basketball team, when all the while there existed a phenomenal professional team right under my nose.

Dinah Manoff Mortell, Bainbridge Island