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The print headline for the shooting on Sunday of 26 innocent people was “Unimaginable” [Nov. 6, A1]. Although it was a quote from the son of two of the victims, it was odd to me because the shooting was not so unimaginable. The list of deaths in these mass murders is added to monthly. Is it soon to be weekly?

What, exactly, has to happen before the people held responsible (the senators and congressmen owned by the National Rifle Association) are voted out of office? Or will they or their loved ones have to be the target of some random mentally ill person with a military rifle before they turn their backs on the gun lobby?

My largest frustration is that I know my two senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and my representative, Suzan DelBene, are all for sane gun control, so writing or calling them is like preaching to the choir. Maybe the question should be when are my fellow citizens going to have had enough death from these horrifying weapons?

There is no sane reason for a gun that can kill so many so quickly. Sadly, maybe that is what is “unimaginable,” that we could have sane gun laws in this country.

Maura T. Callahan, Snoqualmie