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Though officially unaffiliated with any political party, I almost always find myself in the company of Democrats. However, one very major gripe I have with many state Democrats is their blind and often misguided support of the Washington Education Association, the state’s large teachers union [“Students, families suffer in teacher walkouts,” Opinion, May 19].

Where are the voices of Democrats in our Legislature for the K-12 students and their families who find themselves again negatively impacted by the WEA’s current need to muscle the public with its latest K-12 hostage-taking incident (the one-day walkout)?

Shame on the WEA, and shame too on legislative Democrats who passively allow the WEA to disrupt K-12 education simply because it again has chosen to maximize its “pay to play” status that it recklessly leverages on the Democrats. All three bipartisan budget proposals for the 2015-17 biennium positively address WEA priorities, including teacher salary increases, reducing class sizes and improving basic-education funding.

This latest “walkout” feels to me like organizational bullying and intimidation. I admire the teaching profession immensely, but the WEA bosses do our dedicated teachers a huge disservice when it holds a walkout.

Al “Butch” Smith, Seattle